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  1、Rust-off machine:patent No. ZL200820111397.1


  2、A new type electrolysis degreasing sink:patent No. ZL200820117935.8


  3、Pneumatic baffle:patent No. ZL200820005101.8


  4、One kind of coater:patent No. ZL200820107476.5


  5、One kind of shear for shearing corrugated board:patent No. ZL200820005899.6


  6、single sheet metal roll coating mechanism:patent No. ZL200820136248


  7、Curtain coating roller mechanism:patent No. ZL200820123658.1


  8、One kind of waste liquid heat furnace:patent No. ZL200920106481.9


  9、Horizontal Looper with decoupling device:patent No.:ZL200820124790.4


  10、A new type roll fittings:patent No. ZL200920110149.X


  11、One kind of method for improving thermal conductivity in curing furnace:patent No. ZL200920110150.2


  12、A new type of sink roll:patent No. ZL200920222476.4


  13、One kind of oil mist recovery for electrostatic coating machine:patent No. ZL200920293215.1


  14、A new type of laminator:patent No. ZL200920352183.8


  15、Veneer drying air knife:patent No. ZL200920352184.2


  16、One kind of Sheet periphery position detection device in water vapour:patent No. ZL200920108288.9


  17、One kind of continuous hot galvanizing pipe equipment:patent No. ZL200920293214.7


  18、knife coater:patent No. ZL201020568604.3


  19、Belt wrapper:patent No. ZL201020613968.9


  20、One kind of reeling waste side machine:patent No. ZL201020613961.7


  21、Vertical tension - free looper:patent No. ZL2011200449012


  22、Vertical double squeezing machine:patent No. ZL2011100433273


  23、Pickling line graphite heat exchanger damage monitoring system:patent No. ZL2011205139563


  24、Roller brush guides:patent No. ZL2011204983969


  25、One kind of dust collector:patent No. ZL201120466278X


  26、One kind of guide plate:patent No. ZL2011205531526


  27、One kind of step type clamp automatic feeding device:patent No. ZL2012201744585


  28、One kind of roll forming machine quick die change equipment:patent No. ZL2012201722904


  29、Metal surface treatment production line drying furnace strip suspension control system:patent No. ZL2012201736790